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Shattered Glass Response



Shattered Glass Response Questions

FILM: Shattered Glass

Directed by: Billy Ray

Main characters/ played by: Stephen Glass- Hayden Christensen Chuck Lane- Peter Sarsgaard Michael Kelly- Hank Azaria Caitlin Avey- Chloë Sevigny Amy Brand- Melanie Lynskey Adam Penenberg- Steve Zahn

Film Co. /Year: Production Co: Lions Gate Films/2003


  1. Seek Truth and Report It: Glass violated this code because he never told the truth. He made up twenty-seven of forty-one      articles and lied to his editors in order to publish his imaginary stories.

Minimize Harm: Glass affected other people in bad ways. For example when he wrote an article about a man that supposedly liked multiple women. It wasn’t true and Glass hurt that man’s career by selling him out to create a juicy story. Chuck Lane also didn’t minimize harm. He let Glass get away with the bad articles even though he was suspicious, and he also didn’t handle firing Glass in the best way. He should’ve made it a clear cut, but instead he just suspended him for two years. This led Glass to believe that what he did wasn’t necessarily that wrong, and it was even harder for him when Chuck Lane actually fired him after learning that all the papers were fiction.

Act Independently: Glass always got his friends to help him write his papers. He never seemed to really ever write them on his own.

Be Accountable: Glass was never accountable for his work; he made up his notes and even when he was wrong he wouldn’t admit it. He just created lie after lie because he never wanted to admit that something was his fault, or that he was wrong. Glass’s co-workers also broke the accountability rule. The fact checkers that worked on each of his pieces should’ve been held accountable for not looking closer at his articles. Maybe then Glass’s lies would’ve been seen.

  1. Stephen Glass is definitely the protagonist in Shattered Glass. Glass both rose and fell throughout the film. For example, when he was on his high of creating fictional stories he was praised and enjoyed by his other co-workers. But once they found out he was a fraud Glass slowly went downhill in a spiral of lies.
  2. I thought Shattered Glass was interesting. It wasn’t like a movie I’ve seen before so I was definitely intrigued by the      plot. I wasn’t sure what to make of Stephen Glass in the film; I knew something might’ve been wrong with him though. At first I thought he just made little lies about his articles, but it made me feel bad for him when I learned the lies were bigger. I think I would recommend this movie to other journalism classes; it helped establish the rules of journalism in a way that was fun.
  3. Haiku- Review

Glass received all the praise

He was a liar we didn’t admire

He didn’t cheat at first

We learned he was compulsive

Glass broke every journalism rule that exists

He broke his co-workers hearts

Then Chuck Lane fired Glass

Glass was sad but became a lawyer

Then everyone loved Chuck finally




1. How has your writing      grown, changed, or improved since the beginning of this course?

Since the beginning of journalism I believe my writing has changed. Journalism asks for a different type of writing: it has to be informative, appealing, and interesting to the public all the time. No matter what type of article you’re writing you have to be thinking about others who will read your work afterwards. This has given me a new type of perspective when I write, and I believe this has added to my style. I’m also a lot more careful with grammar mistakes; I don’t want to give the editors too much work.

2. What are your goals      for yourself next term as a      newswriter?

As a newswriter I have three goals. I want to make my articles longer; a lot of the time I find I don’t want to write too much because I don’t want my work to become boring. But at the same time I feel as though I need more information for those who read my work! I also want to become more connected to the public; such as when I interview people, I want to try to get as much information as I can from them. And I also want to mix it up with who I interview. I need to get more integrated. Lastly, I want to think of topics that not only interest me, but everyone else. Sometimes I feel like my topics are lame; I need to get creative.

3. What are your goals      for yourself next term as a designer/photographer?

As a photographer I definitely need to get better pictures. I struggle with what kind of pictures to take when I interview people. As a designer I need to try to make my final article prettier. Indesign is still pretty new to me, so I really should start playing around with it more and understanding what kind of tools I can use to make my articles more professional.

4. What did you do well      this quarter? What do you want to improve on—and what action steps will      you take to make that happen?

I think I did well with getting all of my articles in on time, finding good information for my topics, and using the computer more. I’m not exactly savvy with a computer; a lot of the stuff we’ve learned so far has been new to me. I want to improve on my final piece and its look. I also want to get better with Indesign. I could probably start putting even more effort into asking questions to the J2s and getting a better idea of how I can improve my work.

5. FEEDBACK FOR MS. I.: What      worked well in this class?  What suggestions do you have for me that      will help me make this class better for future Journalism students?

I like the time limit you put on everything. It gives me enough time to get my work done and do it well. I also like the way you try to get everyone involved with eachother. I think in the future if you explained how to do certain things on Indesign further it would help a bit more! The J2s are great, but even they don’t know everything.

Cyberfolio Update

  1. Journalism: Cyberfolio Update
    FIRST HALFStudent: _______Morgan Williamson______________________

    Due date: ____________4/11/12________________

    Portfolio grade, this check only: ______


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About Me, Morgan Williamson

     I’m Morgan, and this is my journalism cite. I hope you enjoy it, and that you can get to know me a little better. I have a lot of hobbies; playing soccer, lacrosse, running track, and swimming. I love to be active, and I really can’t sit still. My favorite subjects are english and world history. I want to do something someday that will mirror my strengths, benefit others, and make my life fulfilling and meaningful. I have a great relationship with my friends, and I adore my little brother and look up to my older sister; my family is very close. I do well in school, and I can’t wait to succeed in college. I love my life, and I’m excited to keep growing, and finding out who I am.

Food Review

Holy Cannoli 

         ]The light, crispy, crust of a chocolate and vanilla filled cannoli melts in your mouth after the first bite. The perfect combination for the most delicious cannoli in the world includes a crunchy crust, cold vanilla ice cream, and gooey warm chocolate that dissolves onto your taste buds. And there’s no other place to get this delicious dessert like Mike’s Pastry, located inBoston,MassachusettsonHanover Street. This is the place where you’ll find your taste buds going into a frantic frenzy for the delectable desserts and pastries.

            The minute people walk into Mike’s Pastry their mouths water, and they press their faces up against the glass surveying the wide array of cupcakes, cannolis, cookies, cakes, ice cream, and chocolate-dipped fruits. From a pistachio flavored cannoli to a raspberry and coffee cupcake, Mike’s Pastry has it all. Some people complain that since each dessert is under ten dollars, they tend to buy more. But in reality they’re just upset over all the calories they consumed after swallowing two or three cupcakes. Hopefully they have a strong stomach for desserts because the portions for the pastries and cannolis are about the size of a baby’s head.

            Though Mike’s Pastry is known for its incredible desserts, it also includes large cups of different types of coffees, hot chocolates, and teas. And with each new year, come new desserts and beverages. Considering Mike’s Pastry has been around since 1943, it’s almost impossible to make up your mind on just one dessert.

            This may be overwhelming since Mike’s Pastry practically sounds like a heaven on earth. So here’s the catch. The place is unbelievably crowded all the time, no matter what day of the week. Tourists, Bostonians, and college students flock to the place. With the easy pricing and large portions, it’s hard not to stop by if you’re taking a stroll down Hanover Street. Another con of Mike’s Pastry could be that there’s really no place to sit. With all the hustle and bustle, and the crowded area that can only seat about fifty people, it’s a little crazy.

            Luckily if you are able to score a seat, it provides for fantastic people-watching and a great view of historicHanover Street. And not to mention if you seat yourself the waiters and waitresses will serve you your dessert. They provide speedy service though even if you’re stuck in the long line that often times goes out the front door. If you’re craving dessert, Mike’s Pastry is the place to be.

Best Shot Photo Contest

     I was in my study class when I took this; I didn’t really plan on it, and it’s not exactly a perfect shot, but I still like it because it’s such a lazy photo. My class really doesn’t do much work during this period, we mostly just fool around, and I feel like Jonny’s pose captured the essence of this. I like the fact that he’s off center, but I wish the sun was on him, and the shadows were closer to me; it would emphasize his pose better.

Pic. Two

     I love this picture. Each face is wearing a different experession, not exactly ready, but still interesting. This photo was planned, though I didn’t exactly tell the people in it what to do, I just wanted them to give me something interesting. I like the way the sun hits the two people in the back, making the people in the shadows stand out more. This is nice because the people in the shadows have the greatest, and most emphasized expressions. I do know that next time I take a picture like this I want it to be in color; it would give the picture a little something more.

Pic. Three

     I really like black and white photos. Arianna is beautiful, and I love how her blonde hair contrasts with the black and white of this picture. I thought the white pages of the book emphasized the darkness surrounding Arianna. I also like how the streaks of blonde in her hair are emphasized. I think this picture poses mystery; we don’t see Arianna’s face, and when I showed this picture to my friends they wanted to know who it was. We all want to know what a beautiful girl’s face looks like, and this photo makes us curious.