March 2012: Here come the Cavs

PORTFOLIO: Clippings & Comments

Journalist: Morgan Williamson

Article title: Here come the Cavs

Appeared in ________March 2012__________ issue of The CavChron


List all editing errors you notice and how it should be I this piece:
 I made a few errors grammatically, but they were simple mistakes like forgetting a comma or a semi-colon. I just needed to add them; there weren’t any big mistakes.

Describe any challenges you faced when researching and/or writng this piece:

A challenge I faced was actually getting the pictures for the piece. A lot of people don’t enjoy having their photo taken, so it was a lot of work to finally get the people I interviewed to let me take a picture. I thought the piece and the interviews went finely other than that.

Critique your final, published draft—what are you pleased with? What would you change if you could re-publish it?

I’m pleased with how informative the piece sounds. I wish I could have added some more information about the boy’s lacrosse team; my piece may have seemed biased because I talked a lot of the girl’s team, because I know more about it. I could’ve gone deeper into the boy’s season, but they really don’t say much! Anyway if I could change something about my piece it would be that.

What did you learn through writing this piece?

I learned that it’s good to sound respectful of people’s opinions, and that I want to inform my audience as much as I can. They don’t want all the fluff, they want the good stuff. At least that’s what I find I feel when I’m reading the paper; I just want the facts and I’m glad that that’s what my article provided. I also learned that I need to elaborate more on certain parts of my article (like the boy’s team), because I want it to be balanced.


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