Ca$hing the $ummer $un (May Article)

PORTFOLIO: Clippings & Comments

Journalist: Morgan Williamson

Article title: Ca$hing in the $ummer $un

Appeared in ________May 2012__________ issue of The CavChron

List all editing errors you notice and how it should be I this piece:
A few spaces between words wasn’t made, and there were some sentences that may have sounded awkward because of word usage. Other than that the article seemed well-edited!

Describe any challenges you faced when researching and/or writng this piece:

A challenge I faced was getting diverse responses for my article. I didn’t want everyone to say the same thing about summer jobs! But a lot of people had the same opinion. Maybe next time I’d be better off taking a poll of what most people would do during the summer.

Critique your final, published draft—what are you pleased with? What would you change if you could re-publish it?

I’m pleased with the quotes I ended up finding. I thought they were funny and informative! I thought the overall article was appealing and I’d be interested in what people would say if I had seen the article, even though I may be biased. I never know what type of jobs to go for during the summer. If I could republish this I would rather have a different picture I think. Something more eye-popping.

What did you learn through writing this piece?

Through writing this piece I learned that it’s important to find diversity in the opinions of others. It’s not as fun when everyone is saying the same thing; it may be common but it’s not interesting. I also learned that I should learn to read my articles outloud a second time to make sure it sounds well-put together.


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