Jen Turner is peacing out (June Article)

PORTFOLIO: Clippings & Comments

Journalist: Morgan Williamson

Article title: Jen Turner is peacing out

Appeared in ________June 2012__________ issue of The CavChron


List all editing errors you notice and how it should be I this piece:
There weren’t any editing errors that I noticed. I liked everything the way it was in the article and I thought the overall atmosphere of the piece was presented in a good fashion.

Describe any challenges you faced when researching and/or writng this piece:

There weren’t many challenges in writing this piece. Besides trying to set up an interview with Jen, it was fairly easy. I also had no trouble at all when I was finding background information about AmeriCorps. I enjoyed writing this article because I felt as though it was actually meaningful.

Critique your final, published draft—what are you pleased with? What would you change if you could re-publish it?

I’m really pleased with the picture of Jen; I think she looks gorgeous and I’m glad she suggested it for the article! I also really love how when people read the article they were impressed by the amount of energy and heart Jen has. It was exactly what I wanted people to understand after reading about AmeriCorps. I do wish, if I could republish, that I had more of a focus on Jen right at the start of my piece.

What did you learn through writing this piece?

Through writing this piece I learned that it’s important to put heart into your work. It really meant a lot to Jen to have people understand what she was planning on doing. Most people weren’t aware what the organization even was…I think being a journalist is about helping people understand certain things. I hope I did my job well!


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