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Self-Evaluation Final


  1. Since the beginning of this course my writing has changed infinitely. I have more style and I’m able to write with some flair. I think this is a strong contribution to my abilities as a student because it’ll help me in the long run when I’m writing different types of essays for colleges. Since this term I have improved considerably with the set-up of my pieces, and the amount of effort put into them. I really dug deep and tried to write so that people would find interest in what I had to say.
  2. In the future my goals for writing are to become more logistic in the way I set things up. I want people to read my writing and think of how organized and well-planned it was. I want to be able to write well in rhetoric, synthesis, and argumentative. That type of writing is important to me because I think it shows off more intelligence and gives readers a better sense of what you’re talking about. But I also think the type of style I’ve learned to write in for journalism will contribute greatly to my writing. This is because teachers I’ve had in English are always telling us to show ourselves in our writing, but to be professional about it. I feel like the things I’ve learned in journalism will help me to accomplish the goals of my English teachers.
  3. I like being a part of a creative team. Everyone in the journalism classes seems to get everything done on time; I know I did. I think it makes the final product bigger than what it would be on its own. It also creates more interest because everyone has something different to say, and everyone has their own style of getting a message across.
  4. I did well on getting my pieces in on time, and with better effort shown. I really thought about what I was writing, and I actually had more fun with what I was given. I made my writing have more flair and interest by taking my time and finding out the opinions of others, as well as discovering my own. By managing my time well and putting more effort into my final articles, they turned out pretty well.
  5. I think the amount of time you give us to finish our work is really great. I always feel like I have enough time, sometimes more to revise or make things better. The only thing you could do to make this class better is maybe making the computer room a little less cold!!


Article Evaluation (from bicycling)

Why Johnny Can’t Ride Questions

“The Fight to Let Kids Ride to School.” Why Johnny Can’t Ride., 2009. Web. 11 May 2012. <,0&gt;.

2. A lot of research went into the article. The surroundings of where Johnny and his family lived were described in detail, and there were even specific quotes from the family about their hometown. This definitely qualified the journalist’s work more and it provided credibility to his article. A background to Johnny’s medical conditions and his entire life was fully established, and his school teachers/ and statistics were given as well.

3. The journalist believes that the obesity rate for kids across the nation is soaring; therefore he has a bias towards the school district for not permitting Johnny to ride his bike. This is because he believes if kids are trying to get exercise we should be letting them due to the major weight issues across the globe.

4. Even though the article is biased, it’s pretty effective. It provides good judgment, sources, opinions, and direct/ indirect quotes from the story. It also had an emotional appeal that made me feel connected to Johnny and his issue; he really seems like he deserves to at least ride his bike, it’s not that great of a request.

5. The article is effectively persuasive because it’s convinced me that Johnny should be given the chance to ride his bike. Not only that, but he’s not the only one who enjoys to ride his bike to school either. It’s a good form of exercise, and it’s making him and others happy. Why take that away from these kids? It seems like this issue has a simple solution.

6. The visuals provide a great amount of imagery, and it contributes to my imagination of when I’m picturing Johnny with his bike problem. It also makes me feel a little more for the kids because they’re all so young, they really don’t seem like they’re asking for much.

7. This article teaches me that finding the facts, and really digging down deep to make sure every detail is there, provides a better sense of your topic to your audience. The article was also more enjoyable when there was more emotion applied to it; it made the overall tone of the article more appealing. I want my articles to be more appealing visually and conceptually like this one.