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Best Shot Photo Contest

     I was in my study class when I took this; I didn’t really plan on it, and it’s not exactly a perfect shot, but I still like it because it’s such a lazy photo. My class really doesn’t do much work during this period, we mostly just fool around, and I feel like Jonny’s pose captured the essence of this. I like the fact that he’s off center, but I wish the sun was on him, and the shadows were closer to me; it would emphasize his pose better.

Pic. Two

     I love this picture. Each face is wearing a different experession, not exactly ready, but still interesting. This photo was planned, though I didn’t exactly tell the people in it what to do, I just wanted them to give me something interesting. I like the way the sun hits the two people in the back, making the people in the shadows stand out more. This is nice because the people in the shadows have the greatest, and most emphasized expressions. I do know that next time I take a picture like this I want it to be in color; it would give the picture a little something more.

Pic. Three

     I really like black and white photos. Arianna is beautiful, and I love how her blonde hair contrasts with the black and white of this picture. I thought the white pages of the book emphasized the darkness surrounding Arianna. I also like how the streaks of blonde in her hair are emphasized. I think this picture poses mystery; we don’t see Arianna’s face, and when I showed this picture to my friends they wanted to know who it was. We all want to know what a beautiful girl’s face looks like, and this photo makes us curious.